Welcome, meet Martin Lovell - Intro to Camera

Bjorn's Story - A Prelude to a Barbarian

Bjorn's Story - Epilogue or perhaps an interlude Pt.5

The Director's Cut - Written by Lucas Tobin - Narrated by Martin Lovell


Sketchy - by Bailey Walker - Dale: Martin Lovell

Character Audio Reels

Jopher - A Necromantic Descent

Marara - The Jilted Bride

El Mago Del Agua - Or, How I Tried to Overthrow my Leaders, and Failed.

William Locksley - An Anti-hero Scorned

Adventuring... Gods no! I'm far too busy... cutting my hair...

The Heroes are here... Oh Dear, Whatever Shall I do

Gis Yer Monies, Or I'll... What am I Doing Again...

Rhowch eich arian i mi, neu fe wnaf... Beth ydw i'n ei wneud eto

Pirates Gonna Pirate

Lord Knows What Made me so Lordly

I'm too old for this... Lording...

I'm the Wizard You've Been Sent to... Oh no... I've Dropped my Glasses

Audiobook Reels

Fantasy Fiction Excerpt

Horror Thriller Excerpt

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